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Deurowood – a Chem-Trend brand – is a supplier of additives for the global paper impregnation industry and provides special expertise in the application field of engineered wood. Companies worldwide appreciate our service attitude, know how, comprehensive product range and our readiness to always aim for tailor-made solutions.

Companies worldwide appreciate our broad product range of additives: hardeners, process additives, functional additives, pigment dispersions and special applications.

Faster Operation

Commitment to service and support for customers, process know how and additives from Deurowood deliver first class efficiency to your operation in paper impregnation, lamination and engineered wood.

Smoother Operation

Our comprehensive range of process additives together with our readiness to define tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers drives consistency of operations and reduction of off-spec rates.

Lower Variable Cost

Deurowood’s white pigment dispersions are optimized to high covering power and low to no sedimentation behavior – key to achieve best in class cost efficiency in impregnation of white pigmented paper.

Brighter Surface

We keep a top 2 leadership position in melamine resin based high gloss laminates through pushing for further technical enhancements to twist the cost-performance balance forward to performance.

Inside Deurowood

Take a deeper look to what makes us what we are today.

„We rank amongst the leading full-range suppliers in the area of innovative chemical additives for impregnated paper solutions and build up efforts on engineered wood applications.” Dr. Günther Tappeiner, Managing Director
“With our versatile knowledge of components and processes, we develop tailor-made additives to increase customers’ quality and efficiency.” Dr. Oliver Härtl, Research & Development / Production

Service & Know-how

Efficient paper impregnation, lamination and wood based panel production processes depend on many factors. We at Deurowood understand your needs. That’s why we are the perfect partner to support you – from the input materials, throughout the complete process – and value chain until the ready made laminated wood based composite panel / engineered wood.

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