Global reach – local presence!

Deurowood® and Hiperadd® are the global brands of Chem-Trend for the wood panel and paper impregnation industry providing
• access to a broad portfolio of high-performing process chemical specialties and additives designed exclusively for various engineered-wood applications
• global reach and accessibility of products
• dedicated customer service and support by a broad network of wood-composite sales and technical experts with local language competencies
• high speed to market with regional production facilities

Companies worldwide appreciate our robust product portfolio of chemial specialities and  additives: hardeners, process additives, functional additives, pigment dispersions and special applications.

Faster Operation

Commitment to service and support for customers, process know-how and high performing additives Deurowood, as global Chem-Trend brand – provides first class efficiency to your operation in the wood and paper industry.

Smoother Operation

A comprehensive range of process additives together with the readiness to define tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with the customer drives consistency of operations and reduction of off-spec rates.

Lower Variable Cost

Deurowood’s white pigment dispersions are optimized to high covering power and low to no sedimentation behavior – key to achieve best in class cost efficiency in impregnation of white pigmented paper.

Brighter Surface

Deurowood® and Hiperadd® as global Chem-Trend brands claim a top 2 leadership positon in melamine resin based laminates through pushing for further technical enhancements to twist the cost-performance balance forward to performance.

Inside Deurowood – a Chem-Trend brand

Learn more about the global footprint with local presence.

“As the global brand of Chem-Trend for the wood & paper industry, we rank amongst the leading full-range suppliers in the area of innovative chemical specialities and additives.” Günther Tappeiner, Managing Director
“With our versatile knowledge of components and processes, we develop tailor-made additives to increase customers’ quality and efficiency.” Dr. Oliver Härtl, Research & Development / Production

Service & Know-how

Efficiency in the wood & paper industry processes depend on many factors. The Chem-Trend and Deurowood team understands your needs. That’s why we are the the perfect partner to support you – from the input materials, throughout the complete process – and value chain until the ready made laminated wood based composite panel / engineered wood.

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