UPDATE: Customer Information concerning the “Corona Virus Situation”

Dear Valued Customer,

as the situation regarding the outbreak of the “Corona Virus” continues to be an important concern for your esteemed company, for us and all the communities around us this brief letter is intended to provide you with an update about the current situation at Deurowood, after we had provided a first set of information a few days ago.

At Deurowood we’ve implemented a series of further actions to mitigate the risk of infection within our organization. Among other actions we’ve for example split our organization into 3 teams:

  • Sales / Tech Service / R&D work from their Home Office under an absolute ban to travel anywhere.
  • 2 teams working intermittently (with no chance of contact between the members of the 2 separate teams at work at our production site in Hard (Austria)).
    Both these teams perform the following tasks: receiving orders, production scheduling, invoicing / receiving of raw materials, production and shipping of finished products / Quality Control.

We are committed to strictly obey all rules of social distancing put in place by the Austrian Authorities to mitigate the risk of further spreading the virus both when being at the company site and in our private life.

As of now neither anybody working at Deurowood nor anybody being close to a Deurowood employee has been tested positive for the “Corona Virus”. Nobody of these individuals has been deemed to fulfil the criteria to undergo quarantine in any way.

All of us, regardless of whether we would work from Home Office or from our usual offices, remain committed to stay in contact as usual with our esteemed customers as well as all other stakeholders with the usual means of remote interaction (Phone, Email, Video Calls etc).

Our proactive approach to manage warehouse inventories delivers what we were aiming for: Availability or raw materials and finished products to secure supply capability across our complete product range. This is further supported so far by none of our raw material suppliers having announced or anticipated supply restrictions.

All our providers of transport services remain committed and are able to ship to all destinations we serve with our products globally. Understandably so our providers of transport services ask for our understanding that because of more comprehensive checks on borders and because of the currently somewhat restricted availability of Seafreight – Containers transit times might be increased somewhat.

We at Deurowood assure you that we will continue to act proactively to review and adjust in real time our response and actions to mitigate risks in this current situation as much as we possibly can.

Thank you for your collaboration, while all of us whole heartedly wish you and your respective teams all the best to stay healthy and safe.

Deurowood Management

Dear Valued Customer,

like you and your team at your esteemed company also we at Deurowood are taking the “Corona Virus” situation seriously and do our best to review and adjust our response based on information and recommendations we get from authorities and industry associations.

Therefore we’ve decided to limit travel to and from areas under advisory. This means that none of our employees will use, until further notice, means of public transport like air travel, trains or buses. Travel using cars will be allowed to reach customers where possible. In such cases please note that our employees have been advised on the following guidelines largely known to the public already:

  • No handshakes
  • Keep distance of 2 mts in meetings to reduce risks
  • Wash / disinfect hands very frequently

As long as this restriction on travel will have to remain in place we keep on staying ready at all times to support our customers via phone calls / video conferences and the usual means of remote electronic communication in writing.
As of the time of this note we do not have any confirmed cases of infection at Deurowood. We are however taking these precautions to keep our customers, other business partners and our employees as safe as possible throughout
the current situation.

We have been taking a proactive approach on raw material supply as well as production planning so that, as of today, we can confirm that we are in a position of unrestricted supply capability across our full product range. We are in continued contact with our providers of transport service and they confirm, as of today, unrestricted operation along all routes they are serving. The cautious approach in following guidelines of personal behavior by all our employees supports our unrestricted supply capability until further notice.

We at Deurowood assure you that we will continue to act proactively to review and adjust in real time our response and actions to mitigate risks in this current situation as much as we possibly can.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration

Deurowood Management