Deurowood® – a Chem-Trend brand – simplifies product naming

Deurowood® – a Chem-Trend brand, is in the process of simplifying the naming of its products. With that purpose, effective July 1st, 2023, we will begin the conversion of product names.

All designations that previously referred to a specific type of application segment will be replaced with the “Deurowood®” product designation.

The specific product reference and numeric product codes remain unchanged vs the current name.

To illustrate the change, see the following examples for reference

  • Current product name: “DeuroCure KS-N” / New product name: “Deurowood® KS-N” 
  • Current product name: “DeuroLease PHO” / New product name: “Deurowood® PHO” 
  • Current product name: “DeuroWet MA 30” / New product name: “Deurowood® MA 30”

It is planed to have all products that are shipped from the Deurowood® Hard manufacturing facility starting July 1st, 2023 onwards, named accordingly.

Product stock as of July 1st, 2023 at Chem-Trend locations in the US and China or at our distributors will still be shipped under the prior naming convention until stock is replenished with new product. 

All product related documentation as well as documentation for shipping and invoices will show the new naming in accordance with the timing referred to above. 

We would kindly ask you to take note of this change when placing new orders for the subject matter products. At the same time, we assure you that except for the product naming no changes to the formulas, production methods and specifications to our products have been or will be made. 

While we appreciate our customer’s cooperation in working through this change, your sales representative for the Deurowood® product range is ready to answer any questions you may have. They will contact you proactively in the near future to provide any additional explanations you may require. 


Direct access to all product categories and products: Deurowood product portfolio

About Deurowood – a Chem-Trend Brand

As a global brand of Chem-Trend, Deurowood serves the wood & paper industry with dedicated customer service and a passion for optimal product solutions. The global network provides a broad productrange of chemical specialities and additives for the wood & paper impregnation. The leading players in the global wood & paper industry are an integrated part of an esteemed customer universe.

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