DeuroChem AD9/AD10

Enhanced film smoothing, added at the coating station

Category: Process additives
Application: Anti-Dust & Film Smoothing

DeuroChem AD9/AD10 provides enhanced film smoothing agents which exhibit very efficient anti-dust properties, especially when high drying temperatures, fast line speeds and high resin contents are at stake. Both products prevent the creation of high foam levels and their outstanding resin compatibility allow fine tuning of dosages to match specific requirements. Depending on the specific characteristics of the impregnation resins in terms of viscosity, pH and paper penetration properties, we either recommend using AD9 or AD10.


The recommended dosage of both the DeuroChem AD9 and the DeuroChema AD10 is between 0.1 – 0.3% and both are added at the raster/gravure-roller station. Both DeuroChem AD9 and the DeuroChem AD10 are designed to work synergistically with our release agents DeuroLease PHT or PHO.

Data sheet

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