Deurowood® A20

Enhances several characteristics of impregnated paper and laminated board

Category: Pigment Dispersions
Application: Transparent

Deurowood® A20 offers all kinds of advantages depending on the desired application. As an example, it can enhance the covering power of low grammage paper or lower the porosity of the laminated surface. Additionally, it may allow for a smoother surface appearance and enhance the gloss level of laminates made from paper impregnated with resin mixtures containing Deurowood® A20


Deurowood® A20 is dosed and placed depending on the application. The general recommendation is to split raster circuits and use 5% on the bottom side of the paper only, thus achieving smoother surface appearance and, thereby, improved gloss of the laminate surface. In special cases, 5-10% of A20 can be dosed in the 1st bath of a two-stage impregnation. It is advised that you consult your responsible technical sales manager before use to assess the goal to be achieved and the method with regards to the implementation of Deurowood® A20 best suited to achieve that goal.

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