Deurowood® F21

Efficient defoamer free of Silicon/Polysiloxane

Category: Special Products
Application: Defoamer

Deurowood® F21 efficiently prevents foam formation in MF and UF impregnation resins as well as in mixtures of both. Furthermore, it shows no incompatibilities with the resin mixtures and has no negative impact on resin distribution, leveling or film formation when impregnating paper using UF and MF resins on the impregnation line.


Only very small dosages of Deurowood® F21, between 0.01 – 0.1 weight-% (based on liquid resin), are needed to sustainably minimize the foam. Deurowood® F21 should be added to the resin before components usually used in the process of impregnating paper, and potentially causing foam, are added to the impregnation resin mixture.

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