Deurowood® FC

Fast and cost-efficient UF-/MF-hardener.

Category: Hardeners
Application: UF and UF/MF hardeners

Deurowood® FC is the most reactive hardener in our catalyst portfolio. It is predominantly intended for use in the 1st vat, either with 100% UF-resin load or with UF-/MF-resin mixtures. Due to its reactivity profile Deurowood® FC is ideally suited for the impregnation of balance paper, which may include the usage of 100% MF resin both in the 1st and the 2nd vats. Due to its good balance between latency and reactivity, very good resin curing can be achieved with no loss in transparency of the outer melamine resin layer. Furthermore, impregnated paper with Deurowood® FC in the core layer and a more latent hardener in the outer layer provides a very good shelf life while the high reactivity of this catalyst simultaneously allows for very short press times.


Deurowood® FC is recommended for use in the 1st vat of a two-stage impregnation line (UF or UF/MF mixed resin) and especially for the application in balance paper impregnation. It is a pH neutral, highly efficient catalyst. Low dosages of Deurowood® FC prove sufficient to achieve UF and MF resin curing with very short press times.

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