Deurowood® GI

Drives the gloss of your MF resin-impregnated paper to a higher level

Category: Functional additives
Application: Improved Gloss

Deurowood® GI enables very good gloss levels of laminates produced in short-cycle presses from furniture décor papers (uni, metallic and printed papers), impregnated with either pure UF- or UF-/ MF – resin mixtures in the 1st vat and 100% MF-resin on the gravure / coater station. Compared to standard MF high-gloss production processes, the use of Deurowood® GI allows for a production at higher VCs without decreasing the gloss levels of laminates and output both on the impregnation line as well as the short-cycle press.


Deurowood® GI is used in the 2nd impregnation vat. To achieve best results the reactivity settings should be adapted compared to standard productions, with a VC around 5.0-5.5% for the impregnated paper. As Deurowood® GI may reduce the cloud time of the resin (15-45 sec) the dosage and application settings should be coordinated with your personal technical sales manager.

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