Deurowood® HF

Premium modifier for MF resins.

Category: Functional additives
Application: Flexibility

Deurowood® HF is a premium modifier for MF resins to significantly improve resin flow without reducing the chemical and mechanical resistance of the cured surface. Thus, Deurowood® HF is well-suited for highly fortified flooring overlays (AC4 – AC6), for deep structures and similar challenges. Furthermore, Deurowood® HF greatly enhances film flexibility which is needed for coil applications such as CPL. Recommended dosages range between 1 – 5%. Higher dosage may be necessary to achieve certain impact resistance requirements. Deurowood® HF does not affect the water resistance of the laminate up to a dosage of approximately 10%.


The application of Deurowood® HF depends on the individual requirements. The technical sales manager will advise you about the most efficient use.

Data sheet

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