Deurowood® K70

High opacity and stability within enhanced TiO2 dispersion

Category: Pigment Dispersions
Application: White

Our latest and enhanced TiO2 dispersion series is named DeuroWhite K70. This product series exhibits exceptionally high stability against sedimentation, as well as compatibility within the resin float, while delivering glossier and smoother surfaces to laminates made from paper impregnated with resin mixtures containing “DeuroWhite K70”. Impregnated paper containing “DeuroWhite K70” and laminates made from such papers are an industry benchmark for high performance in terms of covering power. DeuroWhite K70 can be easily removed from the vats of the impregnation line with water when switching away from the production of pigmented paper. It is also low-foaming and does not exhibit settling behaviour due to special stabilizers used in its dispersion liquid formula. Furthermore, we are able and always ready to provide a fully customized colour match for our DeuroWhite K70 series.


Deurowood® K70 is added with a recommended dosage between 3-6% to the MF coating resin or the UF resin in the 1st bath (or both baths if required). Because of its outstanding resin compatibility, it can be easily mixed into the impregnation resin, yields smooth white décor paper surfaces and can even push base paper with lower grammages to a higher quality level. For more information and consulting, please contact us!

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