Deurowood® KS-N

Reactive hardener for UF resins and UF/MF blends.

Category: Hardeners
Application: UF and UF/MF hardeners

Deurowood® KS-N is more reactive than Deurowood® UH 35 for efficient press cycles. This hardener features adequate latency and resin pot life (approx. 6 hours). Deurowood® KS-N is primarily used in the first resin bath of a two-stage impregnation process – core impregnation with UF resins or UF/MF blends. Deurowood. ®-N is also well suited for the impregnation of balance paper. Furthermore Deurowood® KS-N provides high efficience when used as hardener for MF resin in the 2nd bath of the impregnation for paper not intended for deep texture laminates.


The hardener is used either in one stage impregnation (i.e. balance paper) or in the first vat of a two-stage impregnation line (UF-resin or UF-/MF-mixed resin).

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