Deurowood® MA35

Wetting agent for high impregnation speed

Category: Process additives
Application: Wetting Agents

Deurowood® MA35 is an advanced and very efficient wetting agent for the impregnation of difficult papers with aminoplast resins. Its specialty is the ability to penetrate paper even at a high impregnation speed (i.e. above 60 m/min) when used during core impregnation (1st vat) of a two-stage impregnation. Furthermore, it is suitable for all kinds of paper – décors for furniture and flooring, balance papers, overlay, etc.


Deurowood® MA35 is recommended for use in the 1st bath of a two-stage impregnation, at a dosage between 0.1 – 0.3%, to provide smooth surfaces and superior penetration even at fast impregnation speed.

Data sheet

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