Deurowood® P-3

Stable Al2O3 Dispersion for mirror gloss plates and HPL.

Category: Functional additives
Application: Micro-scratch Resistance

Deurowood® P-3 is a dispersion of a synthetic corundum with excellent transparency. Thanks to the plate-shaped geometry and special dispersion technology, the corundum particles are positioned parallel to the surface and press plate, during and after the lamination. As a result, high gloss and structured plates will wear considerably less than with standard micro-corundum. Deurowood® P-3 is particularly suitable for HPL applications, especially high gloss. With Deurowood® P-3 it is possible to add scuff resistance to finish foils.


Excellent micro-scratch resistance for HPL and CPL, suitable for finish foil lacquering. Low press plate degradation.

Data sheet

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