Deurowood® SGL

Very Latent MF hardener for prolonged resin flow and special applications.
Category: Hardeners
Application: MF hardeners

Deurowood® SGL is a very latent hardener which, due to its unique features, is suitable for the complete range of applications. For standard applications Deurowood® SGL widens the processing window substantially while also helping to increase quality and efficiency with deep texture lamination. Deurowood® SGL provides an excellent balance between latency for an enhanced resin flow and reactivity for efficient lamination.

It is the hardener of choice for more complex requirements, such as deep structure lamination, prolonged shelf life of the impregnated paper or extended resin pot life. Deurowood® SGL is beneficial wherever a longer resin flow during lamination and short pressing times are simultaneously required.


Due to its enhanced latency, papers impregnated with Deurowood® SGL exhibit a significantly increased shelf life and are easier to handle during storage and shipping. Although cloud times with Deurowood® SGL are higher than usual, very short press times can still be achieved without compromising surface quality. The enhanced resin flow in the press is especially beneficial when using, among others, deep texture press plates or other, more complex requirements while also widening the processing window for standard applications. SGL is therefore the perfect choice for challenging décor and overlay papers.

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