Efficient paper impregnation requires well-adjusted hardener systems.
The Deurowood® and Hiperadd® branded range of products offers the right solution for every application.

Paper impregnation line speed, efficient press cycles with sufficient resin flow and the shelf life of the impregnated paper must be balanced. A sophisticated latent hardener, which drives the reactivity when needed and slows it down when not, can make a substantial difference to avoid costly compromises. Longer shelf life of the paper, as well as dark paper and deep textures does not mean longer press times. This is possible with a high quality resin and a well-adjusted latent hardener. Deurowood’s portfolio of hardeners was developed to provide the right mix of curing strength and latency for individual needs and production set up.

For well-known reasons, all Deurowood® and Hiperadd® are chloride free.